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Who we are

We are a holding and investment company, which also takes an active role in venture building.

What we do

We are passionate about building successful companies with high returns. On the one hand, we constantly strive to bring leading entrepreneurs and businessmen together with disruptive business opportunities. On the other hand, we invest in young ventures and small businesses with significant growth potential.


We work in a very focused manner through four different methods to realize our entrepreneurial ambitions. Each method stands as an independent module and can be combined with other methods, e.g. in a logical sequence.

1. Screen & Support

We constantly seek new endeavors: Therefore, we are looking for inspiring startup concepts and outstanding teams. We also screen the market for potential small companies to acquire.

2. Consulting
We are open to assume advisory roles to support selected companies. On request, we offer management-consulting services with teams of top-tier consultants. Selectively, we also support student startup teams in their quest to design business models, develop (investor) pitch documents and negotiate funding rounds.
3. Venture Building

To create early stage ventures, we match innovative business concepts to founders, who want to contribute from an excellent and complementary skillset .
We support young ventures with experience and advisors to ensure a high profile business launch: We leverage our extensive network of founders, consultants, investors, managers and scientists to provide methodological experience and industry insight.

4. Investment

Depending on the company’s state, we invest in two forms to boost an attractive business opportunity

  • Time: Upon mutual evaluation we may decide to assume an operative managerial role for the early stage of the venture to complement the founder(s)
  • Financial: Following a thorough investment valuation, we may even participate with equity money to progress your attractive business (concept). We will always remain an active sparring-partner to our portfolio companies along their entire growth path to ensure on-track progress.

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Investment Criteria

  • Technology and science based products and services innovation, foremost in B2B environments
  • Favorable market position with significant future growth potential
  • Business model with potential for scale and internationalization
  • Clearly defined USP, expressed via IP, proprietary access to clients and suppliers, success-critical access to relevant networks and know-how
  • Potential for technology- and market leadership
  • Company headquarters or significant operational business in Germany or Europe

Investment portfolio

Our target portfolio will consist of companies from a wide range of industries or product / service offerings. Decisive for the selection of individual portfolio companies is an economically sound basis and an attractive potential for above-average return on investment.

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Shape this next investment together with us

Shape this next investment together with us


The thiinc philosophy

We are visionary entrepreneurs and optimistic risk takers, who roll up their sleeves and dare to try things out. We believe in excellent work and great teaming to create inspiring and impactful companies. thiinc is the next generation of early stage and small cap investors, who combine dynamic aspiration of the digital age with values and traditions of German mid-caps.

What makes thiinc special

Think big, work diligently and enjoy the professional ride of creating long-lasting company value.

Who we look for

We are always eager to find excellent candidates as interns and start-up founder/co-founder.

  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills
  • Excellent business experience in a leading consultancy or investment bank, executive management position in a technology company and/or startup
  • Experienced in drawing up and implementing efficient processes and KPI-based management systems
  • Excellent degree from a leading university
  • Broad international exposure and experience
  • Pragmatic implementation-skills
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and passion to go the “extra mile”
Patrick Löchelt

Patrick Löchelt

Managing Director

Founder of thiinc, strategy consultant, previously manager at BCG and Bayer, MBA, Runner & Traveller

We want you

We want you

Be part of the team

We want you

We want you

Be part of the team

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thiinc GmbH
c/o Werk1
Grafingerstr. 6 , 81671 München
Telefon: +49 152 3273 1554

thiinc GmbH

c/o Werk1
Grafingerstr. 6 D
81671 München